Using the Wheel as a Betting Guide

Casino goers have been using the method of “charting the wheel” since at least the mid-19th century, according to some accounts. There is at least one winning roulette method, and many people have gotten rather wealthy using it.

But there’s a catch: it’s probably not going to work in the twenty-first century. Find out in the next section.

In this essay, I will first go over the basics of wheel charting and how it may be used to your benefit. Next, I examine the system’s efficacy in the past and predict its performance if implemented now. As a last step, I provide an overview of the system.

How To Read A Roulette Wheel Diagram

If you want to give this approach a shot, you’ll need to keep an eye out for oddities in the wheel and cross your fingers that the spins don’t produce completely random outcomes. The ball may not rebound as much when hitting a loose fret, the wheel may not be correctly placed, or the croupier may utilize the same technique with each spin, making the results predictable.

Is There a Slant to the Roulette Wheel?

A wheel’s bias may be determined by plotting the results on a graph. The issue here is that recording a huge number of spins is necessary to learn anything meaningful.

In many gambling establishments, you may look at the outcomes of the last 20 or so spins by clicking on a “history” button. You’ll need to record at least a thousand spins, and possibly more, before you can even begin to see a pattern.

Keeping Track of Roulette Turns

If you keep track of these spins, you could notice that a specific number comes up far more often than it should. However, you’re more likely to discover a certain section of the wheel that hits more frequently than it should. You’ll take advantage of this by focusing on these specific digits.

In 1873, British engineer Joseph Jagger discovered this very situation in Monte Carlo. Over the course of three days, he was able to acquire £60,000, or almost $5 million in modern currency, by betting on the nine numbers that came up most frequently at a certain wheel.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, writing in more modern times, would employ a similar method. A large number of wheels’ worth of data would be recorded and sent into a computer for analysis. He had a lot of success at casinos all around Spain and continued that trend in Las Vegas.

Making a Wheel Diagram of Roulette

Unfortunately, technological advancements have made this system more challenging than ever before.

The odds of a contemporary roulette wheel being biased are extremely low, and even if one did exist, the casino would almost probably be aware of it long before you. Even if there is a problem, it won’t persist long because casinos regularly recalibrate their wheels.

Your efforts to keep track of the spins will be for naught if the dealer or croupier who seems to be following a trend is quickly replaced.

Online Roulette Gameplay

whether you play at a virtual online casino, you’ll be charting the game to see whether the random number generator is flawed. Here’s a hint: it won’t be. While it is possible to chart the wheel at online live dealer casinos, it is not always easy to tell if you are playing at the same wheel on multiple times.

A Statistical Analysis of Roulette’s Flaws

Perhaps you’ve charted a certain wheel and collected data from 3,000 iterations.

You examine the numbers and see that one of them keeps popping up more than the others, so you decide to wager on that one from now on. The issue is that some numbers will show up more often than others, even in a perfectly fair 3,000-spin experiment. You need something that stands out significantly from the usual, which requires some familiarity with statistics in order to interpret the results.

Many players have learned the hard way that charting the wheel without sufficient data analysis can lead to false conclusions.

An Overview of Roulette-Style Charting

There have been numerous famous stories of players who used the “chart the wheel” approach to win big pots. Some may even argue that it’s impossible in light of how difficult the situation currently is. Go ahead and give it a go if you’re dead set on proving them incorrect, but know that all your hard work may have been for nothing.






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